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Estate & Winemaking

Philosophy on Viticulture & Winemaking

Philosophy on Viticulture and Winemaking

The Rapp Ranch collection continues the Shadybrook Estate philosophy of creating ultra-premium wines, reflective of the vineyards from whence they came.  Each harvest is a representation of the vineyard’s journey through the growing year and allows for unique and subtle differences from vintage to vintage.  Our whole team approach includes the coordination of decision making between the farming team & the cellar team to ensure that the vineyard and winery work toward the same goal.  

The Rapp Ranch brand  also has a unique advantage of being grown, produced and bottled at Shadybrook Estate Winery at Rapp Ranch which ensures optimum harvesting & minimal handling. Having the wines produced at Shadybrook Estate Winery gives the cellar team the flexibility to be selective in utilizing the wide variety of  winemaking tools in our facility.  Here the juice is crafted for our ultra-premium wines. The artistry of our winemakers is showcased by their skillful blending of the final product, our highly demanded, luxurious and award winning wines.